In October 2021, I decided to volunteer with the TCP Charity's Youth Leaders program at MacArthur Middle. The charity's founder, Andy Schindling, introduced me to the program at a Leadership Anne Arundel session. 

Leadership Anne Arundel Class of 2022

I became a mentor after hearing about the founder's vision to give kids who weren't necessarily talented at sports or music an opportunity to shine through entrepreneurship. I worked with a group of four middle schoolers and one high schooler for six months to plan, present, and eventually bring to life a project to improve their surrounding community. My group decided to create care packages for people in Anne Arundel County experiencing homelessness. Ultimately, we partnered with the Department of Social Services and two local shelters to provide 100 care packages. ​​​​​​​

TCP Charity Leadership Program MacArthur Middle Cohort 2022

Working with the students at MacArthur Middle has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. While I did not sign up to be a mentor, thinking I would change the world, I did hope to make someone's life even a little better after meeting me. I think I've done that. I know working with them has certainly made my life better. 
Working with these students demonstrated how the pandemic impacted the youth, which only put a magnifying glass on pre-existing issues. It also showed me that it's not all up to the school system to figure out how to move forward. 
The community should also play a role. 

I am proud to say that this past nine months, I've helped three small, local non-profits receive $85,000 in funding,...

Check presentation from the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County to TCP Charity.

... help develop a leadership program with the Housing Authority with the City of Annapolis...
...and planned an event with the Anne Arundel County Executive's Office, Anne Arundel County Council, Caucus of African American Leaders, and the City of Annapolis where we recognized the hard work of 
80 youth in the community.
I'm looking forward to doing my part in shaping the future of the youth in my community.
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